Zhou Dafu gold ring style and quotation

Although the diamond ring has become the first choice for most newcomers, but the gold ring is also a lot of people’s love. Chow Tai Fook Hong Kong famous jewelry brand, in the jewelry industry is among the highest, the gold ring style is diverse, so the gold ring price?

Zhou Dafu gold ring style


Zhou Dafu gold ring

bracelets 1

Zhou Dafu heart gold ring

bracelets 2

Zhou Dafu spent around the link light sand gold gold ring

bracelets 3

Zhou Dafu bow gold refined gold ring

bracelets 4

Zhou Dafu crown 24K gold ring

Zhou Dafu was given a gold ring picture above several common pictures, which one does you like best?

Zhou Dafu gold ring prices

The price of Chow Tai Fook gold ring according to the specific ring of money and technology fee to decide together, is the gold ring price = ring gold weight multiplied by the day of the gold price of gold + per gram technology fee, for example, Chow Tai Fook soulmate 24K gold rings of gold weighs 3.05, fee for 48, the day of the gold price is 305 yuan / g, then the ring of the offer for 1076.65 and other styles of Chow Tai Fook gold ring also can be calculated in this way. Of course, compared to other brands, Zhou Dafu gold ring is not cheap, the brand value of the product in addition to the value of the material and process of the value of the brand, with a higher degree of visibility of Zhou Dafu is also true.

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