Treat friends, cherish

Not lost a good person;

Don’t disregard a you deep love.

Not everyone can tolerate your temper, but not everyone can wait.

Nothing is more valuable than time, nothing is more precious than my feeling.

A person willing to accompany you to give my heart to you, this is love you.

To talk with you, not lonely, but you are alone;

Make you happy, not with nothing to do, but that you are sad.

People cherish a kind to you,

Because: lost is no longer back, missed again!

True mirror, broken circle; love like water, cold hard continued.

Who really miss you, wherever you are not online, will give you a message;

People who really care about you, not space, but your world;

People who truly love you, not read the text, but how you feel.

People who truly have you in mind, no distance

No time, care has not changed!

Real friends are the heart, even devotion

Send you information is missing, leaving your comment is concerned!

Treat friends, cherish!

Looking back, there are how many people stay in her count, there are several hanging not discrete. Wrong people are not saying, but silent companionship; Miss love is not glory, but is already gone. Do not listen to lasting pledge, just open your eyes haven’t changed all; don’t believe in forever forever, as long as the hand to hold warm. Who will accompany you to cross year after year; who you Yong as first change of heart! Good friends never say goodbye; true feelings, life together!

Love at first sight, just a story; a long time love, is really has. Not born to two people, and only later break two hearts; passion without a world unchanged, only the love life without regret. Know concessions not throw in the towel, but the motive; forgive is not angry, but can’t let go. And the one who will do the things worth; reluctant, to say to. Time, people change, constant is a friend;

Destiny changing, emotional change, is not for love!

How many people can not see, going to miss you;

Missing for two days, you will be worried about you;

Three days did not see, will look for you.

In fact,

Deep feelings not so much language,

More is the embodiment of an action.

The world truly,

Not many people took notice of us:

Cherish, Thanksgiving together!

How many people walk into your space every day, just to look at your mood;

How many people will call you often, just to hear your voice;

How many people pay attention to your updates, and only cares for the heart;

Comment how many people the first time, is of particular concern for you.

How many people watched, loved, hurt all of you;

How many people want to read, and keep you all.

People who bring an umbrella in the rain,

People who are warm in the cold,

When they met the people of,

Those in the company who … …

When you go back and look,

These people are still in, these circumstances don’t change.

Perhaps, this is the most difficult in the world, is also the most happy thing!

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