Talking about the little girl

1, you can’t touch the mind, is my distant dreams. Makes me dream, dream day and night. Did you know? Whether pain?

2, look down on, not a loser, but those who talk, full of hypocrites running for the train-without the courage to try, and self-righteous.

3, ahead of the future, she is guiding light, she is home to wild geese flying south. She never dried up, quietly. Who strives, yearning, groping and Chase. Her trajectory coming from afar, it is crazy, is crazy.

4 live in complex societies, don’t envy anyone. The beginning of life, nature is good. But can do is to love yourself and respect yourself. Cherish life, nature knows the meaning of life.

5, troubles in life. Lost treasure. Experience, accumulated experience. Do not have access to, desire to inspire. Under the ravages of time and tide, but variable, sentiment has not changed. Good and bad side by side, rich wonderful life. The bright side of life, cherish life, adversity.

6, are tired, stop and rest for a moment. Might as well, looking back, the scenery all the way. Nostalgia-like slide, hosts have a good memory;-like stimulants, urging the step of passion. Looking back past, beautiful reproduction. Looking to the future, full of excitement. Tired, why not?

7, we are not alone? Rival, fuzzy relationship clear. Setbacks, pride of calm to. Money tested friendship. Is it! Company with me. However, it was regarded as enemies, lonely themselves. You know, they give a little warm.

8, the life of every intervention, for no reason at all. Please cherish the love you, forgive you, respect you.

9, people saying: love the deeper wound deeper. Love make people difficult and elusive. Love, the confusion, the most silent. The horror love, than, more abuse–sadomasochism.

10, hurt and perhaps love. Because of lack of access to, your eyes, your appreciation, your love, came up with the worst – Funk. Knowledge that will make you more tired and to avoid. You know, my pain than you? Can you remember me.

11, each age has its own story. Bloom, carefree, you get me. 30 years old, running around, you me. Cycle time of gathering, family reunion. Man’s happiness, but nothing more.

12, “I’m busy”-busy playing, was young.

“I’m busy”-busy making money, had just graduated.

“I’m busy”-busy clingy, then early and start a family.

How many times, “I’m busy”, had refused to parents from Trinidad. However, even with nothing at all, isolated, still there is a stooped figure, a pair of deep eyes, always be accompanied by the left.

13, parents who have brought us to the kindergarten, is to take care of our better, do you want us to have a better living environment, have learned something long.

After n years, we are not allowed to give the parents to a nursing home, “busy” is just an excuse. You know, they “agree” may be in tears behind the young man.

If difficult to understand that feeling, and may wish to recall the n years ago, parents put us in kindergarten, his shed.

14, all children are their parents. Thin certificates once they thrilled to tears, is the home of their absence, hard power.

All children are their parents. Notification of acceptance from the heavy, perhaps the most comforting his parents ‘ ambitions into a Phoenix, understands the mood.

15, does not expect, do not ask, has long been my pursuit. Do you think maybe I was a good girl. Can only say that has not been read, has in the past, never stop chasing their own footsteps. In order to live, tears often spin rather than down, even if it could not help but shed tears tomorrow still laugh laugh.

16, why let a loved one get hurt? With strangers, we are respectful, smile-by-open, and be treated with respect. They feel warm and tender, calm. Treatment of familiar people, our words of coarse language, black face to greet, to ask. They feel cool indifference and disregard it.

Perhaps, to release a release. Family has been hurt. Fortunately, they can understand, we were careless. No remorse, is reassuring. Understanding live forever!

17, listen to sad music, do you have heartburn. Well, your heart is still alive, the vicissitudes of the world is not your resurgence.

See children’s cartoons, you’ll stop. So, your hearts are young, years of baptism does not make you exhausted.

Read romantic poems you will compress. So, your heart still longing, the trivialities of life does not make you forget the mood.

18, the ideal is very good, the reality is very devastating. Everyone has their own ideas, to the initiatives of others, do not understand you can consult, listen. Please do not, any slander, threw cold water on it. You are not a fish, how can we know the happiness of a fish?

19, and no one understands you, can see the inspirational movie, find some self comfort.

Don’t believe in love, to see the romance Idol drama, rags-to-riches, Cinderella falls in love with the Prince.

Sad sad, listening to soothing music, sad melodies melt will be polite.

When upset, you can enjoy the simplicity of line, smooth inner wounds feeling soft in the world.

20, not far from near, and the distance you just right. I wish you, as much as I care about you take care of me. This life, held each other’s hands, and death, do not leave.

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