Latent Danger Hidden In Child Jewelry Wearing

Connected ARTICLESThis post is about to introduce some of the hidden danger for baby jewelry wearing to warn moms and men and women who have the intention to buy or producing jewelry for the child.Little bell, gold pea nuts, silver lock, collar, jade pendant, peach, bellyband are all things in some culture for baby wearing […]

Estate Jewelry Purchasers Will Get Your Jewelry By Rudy Silva

GENEVA Enormous flawless diamonds and pieces by Cartier, Bulgari and other large-name jewelers sold for numerous occasions estimated rates at a Sotheby’s sale on Tuesday evening, the auctioneer said. The king, who renounced his claim to the British throne in 1936 to marry the American divorcee, showered her with gifts of jewelry throughout their courtship […]

Zhou Dafu gold ring style and quotation

Although the diamond ring has become the first choice for most newcomers, but the gold ring is also a lot of people’s love. Chow Tai Fook Hong Kong famous jewelry brand, in the jewelry industry is among the highest, the gold ring style is diverse, so the gold ring price? Zhou Dafu gold ring style […]