Sister-in-law, this life I owe you

In my third year, parents killed in a traffic accident. My brother and I had each other. Have a hard day, but because of the brother’s love, I had a happy childhood. Unexpectedly, the age of 12 years and a mine you took my only sibling, brother I was left behind. At that time, sister-in-law had just married into my family.

It was not long before, when there was a match to my sister-in-law, the other is a dead wife butchers, family was good, and strong. Sister-in-law asked, “with Bob OK? “The matchmaker who wear red and green and never came back. Since then, and a few have borne, and sister-in-law, always ask, with Bob can or not.

Sister-in-law, was the daughter of wealthy family, had married when the eldest brother, was strenuously objected to by the family, and even to break off the relationship with her, but my sister-in-law was still married, she focused on big brother’s character.

After the death of big brother, sister-in-law, much ridiculed by family, forcing her to remarry as soon as possible, her overbearing brother and even threatened to burn our House. Sister-in-law or the word, “remarry, must bring Xiao Ming. “Despite the sister-in-law, beautiful and virtuous, but who wants to drag her to a white elephant man who? Her family, stamped, and have little contact.

Sister-in-law, works at a garment factory, more than a month to more than 100 pieces, sometimes poor performance in the factory, also backlogs low quality clothing made of wages. At that time, I was in grade junior high school, at least thirty or forty pieces per month. Sister-in-law had never before I ask for money, always ask me, “Bob, have no more money, right? “While you talk, putting the money in my pocket,” saving dot flowers, but the flowers not province, long body, packed meals. ”

I have a special notebook, which was recorded with sister each time money, dates and numbers are clear. I think I grew up to make money, be sure to repay the sister-in-law of Gratefulness.

Before the exam, my sister-in-law said, “sister, I did attend a school, you can come out a little earlier. “Sister-in-law, looked at me with anger,” How could you do that, you’re going to College. No, for me to come over. “The next day, sister face because it took me to find a teacher, just change the volunteer to come over.

I went to high school in the County, sister news, make a hearty dinner to celebrate, “Xiao ming, a good read, sister proud. “Sister-in-law very easily, I have heard very heavy.

The next day, the sister-in-law was red and swollen eyes come back. I asked her what’s wrong? Sister-in-law, husky voice said, nothing, just the sand into the eyes. Saying to go to fetch water and wash your face. The third day her brother ridiculed her, I knew that sister-in-law in order to raise tuition for me, to borrow money from family, driven out by family.

Swollen eyes watching my sister-in-law, and I said, “sister, I’m not studying, less important now, many factories are not requirements for academic qualifications……” before I could finish, sister-in-law slap came, “don’t read or have read to mining it like your brother! “Elder brother’s wife yelled at me. Sister-in-law was a gentle person, that is the first time I saw her angry.

During that time, sister-in-law, always coming home late, come back carrying a large bag, exhausted. I asked what’s in her bag, and sister always gave me. One evening to a classmate’s House to collect books, saw the street sat a familiar figure, covered with a white cloth in front, above filled with socks, needles, or something. Is my sister-in-law.

I went to “debunk” sister-in-law, she sometimes bend and far away other bargain, and bits and pieces of money. Under the Dim light, and sister-in-law, eyes flashing a light of hope.

11:30, sister-in-law came back carrying bags, big mouth da mouth gasping, looked tired, cracked a big grin. Saw me sitting at the table better, came up and touched my head, “Xiao ming, hungry? Sister-in-law, cooking for you. “I nodded back toward her, refused to let her see my eyes fill with tears.

That night, sister-in-law fainted in the kitchen. I heard a crash and then rushed into the kitchen, she lays on the floor, her face pale. I rushed her to the hospital.

Doctors said sister-in-law because of anemia caused by malnutrition and overwork leads to syncope. I was in the hospital taking care of her, was sister cried out, “o go home, starting school, high school was a critical year. ”

Sister-in-law, spent a day in hospital and went home, her face pale. But her work as usual, still carrying the bags in the evening to stall. I really can’t help it, ran over a bag and took it down. Found her sister seemed to know my secret, smiled at me and said, “Bob, is a bit short to earn enough. “He gently took the bag out of my hand, diagonally on the shoulder went into the night.

Every night by my sister-in-law a few to earn ten, is not enough to pay the tuition. Sister begged to the factory three months salary in advance, is almost, she sold blood to blood again. Sister-in-law was anemia, when pumped to 300cc, nurses cannot see anymore, the liberty pulled out the needle. Sister says you are, then the nurse (my best friend’s sister) said.

Sister-in-law, personally sent me to school, for the admission procedures, and hostels to my bed, busy busy. After she left, some students said, “your MOM really good for you! “I’ve had a hint of bitterness,” that’s not my mother, my sister-in-law. “Students booed, some people steal words,” so old sister-in-law? “I gave him a stern look.

Home is far away from the school, I went back to once a month. Every time you go back, my sister-in-law prepares a big dinner for me. Before leaving a lot of dishes, packed in transparent glass, tell me what you eat, which can be eaten. Every time we see buses go far, sister-in-law, just let go of waving hands. Each home, find my sister-in-law and many were older than last time.

When the hair on her head was found, I was in high school. In order for me to go to school, wife not only stalls outside, carton plant in touch paste cardboard boxes business, assessed contributions received on the back or a rainy day cannot go out to stall, she sat under the light paste cardboard boxes. Paste a cardboard box and four-penny, material provided by carton plant. The home, saw her meticulously covered in the light, and I said, “sister, let me help you paste! “My sister-in-law looked up and looked me in the eye and forehead wrinkles as the old bark in winter, a pleat fold. Faded black hair, has a few variations with silver, then striking, like a sharp knife, sharp in my heart. Sister laughed, “no, you better, three next year, Sprint, I fight for breath. “I nodded, turned, tears surging like a tide. Sister, you are 26 years old!

Sister-in-law when I first married the eldest brother, is so young, smooth face and white-red, with black hair, rolled up, just like on TV, star of the calendar. I ran into the room, lying on the table and let my tears streaming in straight sets. Cry out, I tried to read a book, solving problems, I told myself, if not for yourself, but also for my sister-in-law make good reading.

Of the county-wide art scholar, I was admitted to a prestigious University. The day received the admission notice, sister-in-law bought a large volume of firecrackers, long a line on the floor, like a red dragon. Sister-in-law lit one, and gave it to me, “you remember to light the firecrackers! “I took the fragrant, like took the sister-in-law, all hopes and wishes. PI hides firecrackers from the four townships of eight close people.

On that day, sister Aunty and my brother came, stood in the crowd. My sister-in-law saw them, went over, bashing on her mother’s shoulder, burst into tears. Night, the five of us sat around a table for dinner. Her brother tapped me on the shoulder and said, “you remember the really good read. ”

I toast to the wife’s family one by one, and sincerely thank them for giving me a good sister. Last is the sister-in-law of the King, she stood up, smiled and said, “Bob, the family, don’t hesitate as I have! ”

College life and learning is much easier than in high school, every year my school with honors scholarship. Moreover, there are plenty of spare time to work, working his way through Basic does not need money from home. Sister-in-law is still sending me money every month, want me to feed and clothe, care of yourself. One day I went to the record her sister-in-law money notebook every time you suddenly hate myself. Sister-in-law gave me, a laptop can be recorded? I ruthlessly fan myself a slap and notebook to shreds.

Junior never finished, I was recruited by an IT company. I cabled a message when the sister-in-law, and she is very excited, the phone rang and the sobbing, “Okay, okay, sister don’t have to worry about you. Your brother can rest in peace. ”

I suddenly burst out, “sister, I graduate, return to take care of you! “Sister listening, Puchi laughed out loud over there,” Bob, what do you say jerk things! Work well in future towards to the sister-in-law of a sister-in-law. “I eagerly said,” no, I’m going to look after you. “Sister hung up the phone.

Finally graduated, I took the company prepaid salary returned home in high spirits, wife has prepared a meal, as soon as I come back. Dining table, sat a man more than 40 years. See me back, my sister-in-law said, “Xiao ming, Zhang Dage. After sister-in-law went with him. “The man stood up, shook my hand, Gee said,” it is not easy, college students! “He and I only took two seconds, ran to the room.

That night, I didn’t eat. Lying on the bed over and over again in my mind asks, “sister-in-law, why, why don’t you give me the chance to take care of you? ”

Not long after, sister-in-law, and was married to the man surnamed Zhang. I went and drank a lot of wine. Sister-in-law, also drink a lot, vaguely heard her say, “look, this is my brother, Bob, brand name school student! “Between the words is full of pride.

Later, due to busy work, I cannot always go home, only send those wages each month most of sister and sister-in-law returned at a time. She said, “Xiao ming, sister-in-law of old old, and doesn’t cost anything, and you, the married to save money. “Every now and then sent me home products, said,” Bob, good work, early career, sister-in-law of old time, just come to you a few days, don’t be to recognize older sister! ”

My tears flood in like a flood, and my dear sister-in-law, brother, how can you forget?!

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