In life, there are a lot of good could not retain

Life, fear is the tired heart pain is in tears. Their own views, never miss, not his views, never just pass by. Heaven and Earth are too big, too small, not a beautiful landscape can have. Life, seek to make their own, and do not leave the scenery is enough. Every heart, are an irreplaceable feelings and some associated landscape forever, life landscapes, it is also human. Born in the world, everyone, are inevitable to go through a cold and bitter rain. We walked a long way, will meet Ridge, or high, or low.

After each thing will grow once or more or less. Each time you move, I would get back, or deep, or shallow. Listen to a song, touching, or sorrow, or happy. Stop the Rock River flows East, sadness, not hide how the time flies. Our lives, how many trench to cross alone, and how much pity left for years. Travel pursuit, busy, are gathered in separation, passing in a hurry; occasional encounters, on and off, bitter-sweet, happy mixed sorrow. Gorgeous flowers, mature physically and mentally, from years of honed, people relaxed, flat, make life easier, makes life rich.

People alive is a practice, take is full of vitality, through every spring. Life without a hypothesis, not if, the past is forever, is now full. With a sense of normalcy, ordinary living, dream their dreams, their thinking, love what you love. Cherish happiness, appreciating what I have, carry on down, hurt look, don’t get to throw them away, hating but smooth. Life was not easy, life is not long, why worry about unnecessary and demeans himself, injury time. Calm resilience, relaxed, open-minded and casual.

Years, rushing ahead, in downs covered with sweat, his face all tired. On Earth, people expect better, looking forward to a beautiful, little wishes. Tired of silently in my heart, pain tears in silence, untold suffering, in tears gently release. Life is like this, well thought out, before slowly becomes, say, walk slowly changed. The dust has settled, as time passes by, you understand mistakes, regret. Go away, people have changed, you just understand error, sorry. Originally, called into action, all the laments into wounds, to the end, all the emotional pain.

Through the four seasons of life, will experience Frost, snow and rain, but after gathering will precipitate a heart and feelings through the years, will understand the human well-being. People who truly love you, do not leave, walk by the people, was just being crazy. In many words, do not hear with our ears, but to listen carefully, a lot of people don’t see with our eyes, but with the heart. Warm may not last long, cool may not be careless, to accompany you to the end, was the one who really loves you.

Life, who will have a hard life, who has a tear. Even suffer setbacks, not white, and don’t give up easily. Even if one gets hurt, shock, don’t retaliate. Because the give up means to give, revenge also hating. Tired tired tired often cry, tired in life, half his, half life. Life is not for oppositions, life is not used to fighting, care, can be figured out, and love for love, who knows, to understand in order to feel at ease, inclusive smile wide. We must Shun, it wronged, will inevitably be misunderstood, was criticizing.

The life of a person, it is easier, sounds simple, it’s hard to do. Not every piece of land growth hopes, not every effort can be successful. Something someone else is easy to do, you may not be able to do better, some people go very smoothly, you may not be able to do the same. Rather than follow the example of the best of others than do most authentic self, take the road of their own choosing, do her thing, like they want to love people. In non-attachment, to heart not, simple, natural, and fate.

The accumulation of life is bitter, bitter happiness, aggregation of life is sad, sad is pregnant. Dull days, we all have our own thoughts, in ordinary life, we all have their own trajectory. No matter joy or sadness, we are planning our future, exploring their own future. Sometimes, life is a compromise, a patient, a give and take. Not all things are suitable for tit-for-tat, sonorous and colourful life, sunshine, there are cats and dogs.

Life is one’s own, is their life, and don’t waste too much time in contrast with others. Compromise is not necessarily weak, patience is not necessarily incompetent, and for you, sometimes, give patience is also a kind of wisdom. Know how to appreciate their own lives, to get myself to do anything. If you can use and their race, do not compare with others attitude to life, we would be a lot easier, much easier to find the entrance.

Hurry, stumble and fall, busy life, we always desire, looking forward to completion. However, there is always a lot of regrets in life, a lot of disappointment, a lot of disappointments. Alive, experience, persistence, and only the strong of heart, put down the burden, no need to be forced to swallow the bitterness, there is no need to complain.

Some things, can’t afford to take on the choice of down, something easy to give it up. Some idea, don’t get to ignore, some passing through, could not keep his leave, some feelings, just acting reluctantly let go. Previous page, can not turn, do not turn, turn over the dirt gets in the eye. Learn to forget, know how to give up, and don’t worry about what happened yesterday, don’t be sad for unnecessary things. Life is a kind of mood, day is a kind of liking.

Between heaven and Earth, wind wind, cloud clouds heart language. Everything, and Butterfly a butterfly dance, bee bee’s song, whose coast who is not, who is not who harbor. You have the problem, I had my story, whether it’s happy or sad, is the closest together is. Road of life, doesn’t make sense when turning, knots, can’t learn to forget. Tricky business, learned to put down hard, would like to go to the edge, when selecting at will.

There are things that pendulum a pendulum is gone, some people, very hard to forget. Some sentiment, ash a relieved, tired, stop for a break and had a break. Some bitter smile to thaw, heart injury an injury is tough. Learn to love yourself, to be independent, said goodbye to rely on that happiness is the feeling in your heart, and not someone else’s.

Having a healthy body, do yourself in a happy state of mind, do the things they like to do, take the road of their own choosing, is one of life’s greatest happiness. Live there will be a lonely, go there will be ups and downs, heartbeat will be feeling hurt. Achievement of a person’s life, not how much money you have, how glorious cause. But how much do you love a person, treat how many people, how many people you have how many people remember you.

People live, not in order to remember yesterday, but to look forward to tomorrow, waiting for hope. If alive, will sink to breath, bent down, lift your head up. Confidence and live in dignity, solid sound, taste of nature, living extraordinary temperament. Living remarkable living poetic romance, easy gentle living, live happy and healthy, live special.

In life, there are many better not stay, in life, there are a lot of thrust on the pursuit. You can’t go, you stay, take look, relax. Live, we should try to live good, don’t make your life tired, heart. Life is too short, too busy, too tired of life, the time must be willing to put down the time resolutely refuse to abandon. Don’t envy someone brilliant, don’t admire other people better, don’t blame it on fickleness, don’t blame the world of hypocrisy. Experienced, strong heart, crossed the threshold, the heart Tickle.

In fact, bitterness is the root of our hearts, something, want to open a natural smile, through down, not round the Sun is warm on the way of life, not every cloud is raining, we can’t control fate to calmly walk every day, why so persistent, down-to-Earth, forthright live happily, isn’t this great?

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