In a Word,the term

1. Wait wait for clouds, fog; looking forward to looking flowers in full bloom, the grass is sprouting; keep watching the birds back to the nest, the field is empty. – Do not – hope – keeping–the forgotten. Even though, walked the walk, people have changed. Please, not fear not to panic, to cherish the present. Looking for a foothold, one person, one party, found Harbour, courage confidence rise.

2. Love, not who is right and who is wrong, regardless of success or failure. It feels right, like-minded, became the love to know each other, like shape, they became friends. But the family, God-given, flesh and blood is thicker than water. Love, heart have, need understanding, needs opportunities, more need to say it out loud.

3. People, contradictions, polyhedron. Most of the time, with sex; in many cases, forced to speak; many times, regret for; most of the time, love-hate; in many cases, mixed emotions. Laugh at life, life should be sincere. Life, real fake. I have to say, no winners, only who is the master of life.

4. Put down the drop, adhere to the stick, know how to enjoy life, learn to selective memory, deceptively simple tracks, dull repetition, deductive mood.

5. In a Word, a sense of the phrase, a mountain of static, a water, a flower and one world, a bodhi leaf. Words to reveal the most sincere feelings, landscapes described the most beautiful combination of mosaic reveals all the secrets. All tangled up, fantastic, and transformed, people thought, was forgotten.

6. The stars, let the silence of the night sky was cute cute; cicadas chirping insects, let heat of summer come alive; the spring breeze blowing, melting frozen water warm. For your appreciation, brushed the inferiority of the lonely; you smile, heal each other’s wounds. Know how to appreciate, learn to smile and warm the hearts of each other, play down between the estrangement.

7. Life has too many entanglements, too much sadness, too many regrets. Oscillated in the tangled again, not firm targets to go forward; and immersed in memories of the past, than good to cherish each other; instead of regretting lost, stormed up rather than calm contemplation.

8. Life not only to seek 2.1 lines of smooth, so that life has lost its meaning. Desert because of windblown sand dance, spectacular sea because of waves rolling, vigorous life dragged down because of frustration, will be great. Face all the storms, clear objectives, innocence, life with a smile.

9. Combination of yin and Yang in the universe, fusion. Bitter sweet life, life and death. See light, open, to taste the joy of life, experience the natural power. Worry about this matter, no no, all from your mind, calm nature scenery infinite good.

10. “Ambition”, perseverance and inspiration flowing. For artists, it is a poetic line; for a poet, it is the soul of poetry; musicians it is sounding notes of the theme.

11. Willfulness is not arrogant, against less attention to himself, not knowing, deep calls are concerned. In life, to learn to listen, listening to the sound inside the farthest. You expect them to move, are likely to make life and death struggle with saved the day. Who loves you, your loved ones, are most directly feel the emotion, love.

12. Looking at rolling in the East River, I know everyone has their own journey must go. Not his don’t try so hard, want to go don’t save, smile each other in the first place. If you are well, I am happy, if missed, and he is well.

13. Sweet taste of honey. Did you know, beekeepers in order to collect the best honey, following the season of flowers all the year round, shuttling around the world. Success in style. Did you know, success in order to achieve the high goals, regardless of season busy day and night, working on various occasions. Behind the glory is the interweaving of sweat and tears, is the impact of water and rocks. With envy rather than hard work.

14. Life is like a play, but is different from the play. No drafts, no dress rehearsal. Once the curtain was opened, like buy a ticket of no return. Even the stage fright, to wait until curtain call before we leave. Falling sway as if the spice of life, is a necessity for three meals a day, instead of complaining about than a simplistic view.

15. For fear of losing, pretending not to want, so strong. As everyone knows, the touch of life just waiting for you, you would like to brush the clouds and into my eye, lifetime together. Wish I was the only one, you are my life partner.

16. Not Flash in the Pan than fireworks and fragile than meteors. I know better, time will not stop. About 10,000, won’t stay once the youth.

17. Dreams from the heart, dreams, I followed my heart, for dancing the dream. You see, flying on a cloud in the sky, it is a dream that there is a will. Chasing, hard work, perseverance, more frustration, more grinding more acute, more and more static. Just for you, my dream.

18. Clouds will be wind blown glass were smashed by stone. Cheer up, bearish, with elastic heart of static. Looking back the past, only red dust clouds.

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