first Ithink you want to have a hard

Some decisions, only takes a minute, but it will last a lifetime, to regreta minute.


Miss just like love will run out. Will have to separate the two, first Ithink you want to have a hard, can’t wait to run around you, don’t talk toyou anymore. Then later, I didn’t want you, not loving you, but miss is noreturn. I think you still see you touch you, but himself with thoughts. So Iknew that I had to learn to live their own lives. Now I don’t know where youmight have is far beyond greetings, but I thanked you guys.


I don’t forgive too easily, not to relieve yourself. Now, everyone can seethe faint flicker of their sufferings and hallucinations, in contrast tohimself, nothing is unacceptable. Without any reason or explanation. Justaccept it. Man full of emotions, only to their own benchmarks to measureothers, and always feel that others should be responsible for him.


Life without a true despair. The tree, put the leaves in the fall, heartpains. However, throughout the winter, it let in the heart of quietstrength. Spring arrived, and youth. As long as life is held in my hand,life is not hopeless. People have sorrow and joy, month of wax or wane.Success or failure of a life, but a little cold. If the heart is tired, letit rest, repair of the soul is never dry hope of life.


One day, I will be the same as the beam, shackles burst, sending their ownlight, illuminating the way. Unfortunately, there is nothing in this worldwithout seeking and naturally occurring, so-called comes naturally doesn’tmean don’t do any time, but doing without a trace, do subtle, notsoHankyPanky, competition, and have been called letting nature take its course.


Like day, is the most beautiful day for them instead, is the best way.


Life, not actually owes us anything, so we don’t need to always keep a straight face to it. We should be grateful for it, at least, it gives usroom to survive. Along the way, through wind and rain baptism, harvesting alot, chastened, found himself growing up, this is the best gift life givesus.


Mood is like clothes, dirty cleaned and washed, Sun, Sunshine will spreadnaturally.


When everything is over, I know I will forget you. Cares down heart, please,please forgive me. Life was constantly injured and constantly forrehabilitation. The world is still a tender, waiting for me to mature fruit orchard.


My only perseverance, willing to use his life to hard, just keep my heartsand minds in my date of birth, to be a sincere person, don’t give up on loveof life and dedication, in the limited time and space, our day. Man‘s lifeas the Sun‘s day. Morning light for people, for people in the eveningdarkness. So on the day. Deep, shallow, up, down, life is changing, sunnyrain is essential. You know, you take.


The world is big, beautiful, love in the heart, heart in the world,everything would be much simpler.


Bloom time, flower bloom, back in a hurry, just as young, can learn mostwhen you choose to love, in the most able to endure hardship when you selectcomfort, is young, lean young, no longer juveniles at the time.


There was a man, they have a single, only because they have not met theirfate.


Clouds worrying about in the dark, forget, to blot out the Sun is their own.

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