Cheer up mood will sunny

1, the world is like this, we are waiting for a person, another person may be behind us waiting for us, three years, five years, or a life time

2, you were my dream became reality, but are now just memories.

3, do not lose your temper, a life, a person can not and all the people I know are good friends.

4, too much of a hurry, may wish to slow down and plodded on through the years, everyone has their own story, bearish mood are beautiful, look in a bright mood.

5, actually does not believe in tears, really loves you, doesn’t make you cry, no emotion, you blind is no use crying. Many of the things that look is good; do not open, after all, have to survive.

6, the Green years, had only happy, happy, do not understand broken, do not understand pain, do not know have, don’t get lost. MO red, d one warm bloomed.

7, happiness is a way station between too much and too little. Your true feelings warm in my life all of the memories, your love is my life waiting for you.

8, the hands hold nothing inside, go get a release. Whether they ever caught or far away, those things are unlikely to leave.

9, many wonderful love, have to, an end. People who never said before the separation, have scattered in the horizon. 10, for whom the flowers to open, you can open, for whom the world does not exist, can exist for themselves.

11 mix those sad, happy, there will always be elements. What kind of person you are, what kind of songs you will hear and see what kind of paper, write down what kind of words, what kind of person.

12, there is no happy man, only not happy heart. Life is like a mirror, you laugh it laugh, you cry and it was crying.

13, waiting, is the most substantial prison. They don’t go out, people do not come in. We can be patient, since happiness can be slower, as long as it is true.

14, the most painful thing in the world is not eternal solitude but saw the warmth and vitality, I can’t touch.

15, the day in and day out of days, maybe, God is always fair, you have a lot of time also will lose a lot.

16, fill your heart with love person, at any time, happiness will be waiting outside the door. Life is not long, and some wonderful experience only once, some views can only be passed back.

17, love is the wind of autumn, when the love is gone when, like wind blowing through the wilderness, everywhere a withered, leaving only the bleak and gloomy, there is full of sadness.

18, bad for others, like a scar, forever on the left. This is human nature. We can only grasp the purity of your heart, remembering our sugar.

19, walking in the vast world, we all try to be perfect, but more often, we feel is the perfect with no regrets.

20, no matter how your heart is grieving, and continue to believe, dreams will eventually come true.

21, sometimes memories like a Pandora box, unopened, you never know what’s inside.

22, living in someone else’s eyes, lost in their own way. Most painful is not separately, but later, memories are ingrained, tangled up like a devil.

23, leaving but a distance for turning around, forgetting to life time. Remember, we must learn to let go.

24, when across the chord, every pain is a little mature. Growing up, comes at a price.

25, you shed tears, because of his sad, for him to pay all necessary. Do you think this is love, not to, always the best, and within walking distance of warm, but do not know how to cherish.

26, life is like a song, without smart notes; don’t have to please all the people, as having to remember all of yesterday.

27, and sometimes, after you stick the thing you want to do, you can get what you want. Accept imperfections themselves.

28, youth, ever, and no shortage of hardship journey. Growth, is to make you a person, stumbling wounded, stumbled strong.

29, at the time of your most pessimistic, that’s when you must find the strong confidence. Some words not said is hurting some people to stay or not to stay away.

30, time can heal a broken heart, always believe it: everything will change, no matter how big wound mood affected by how heavy, penniless, to hang on.

31, regardless of the year, you’re happy or sad, harvest was lost, and lonely nights, and those broken promises, and say goodbye to the chaos of trouble.

32, remember their very own, unique self. Just trying to do the best you can, enough!

33, would like to see the best looks, just to be sure you settled happiness, from now on, far stranger, will for ever.

34, be sure that only you can always count on in this world. So, what people see, stuck to his stick, until it would not hang on it.

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