My heart, Wusi, my language, my mind

1, always be generous with their own words. Emotions are vividly expressed, have emotional catharsis without reservations, love is selfless dedication. Life is fleeting, and today it is difficult to appear. Don’t let their dilemma, swayed by both myself and unworthy of her. Often revealing, little wing live may not be satisfactory. Who is in […]

Sister-in-law, this life I owe you

In my third year, parents killed in a traffic accident. My brother and I had each other. Have a hard day, but because of the brother’s love, I had a happy childhood. Unexpectedly, the age of 12 years and a mine you took my only sibling, brother I was left behind. At that time, sister-in-law […]

In a Word,the term

1. Wait wait for clouds, fog; looking forward to looking flowers in full bloom, the grass is sprouting; keep watching the birds back to the nest, the field is empty. – Do not – hope – keeping–the forgotten. Even though, walked the walk, people have changed. Please, not fear not to panic, to cherish the […]

Talking about the little girl

1, you can’t touch the mind, is my distant dreams. Makes me dream, dream day and night. Did you know? Whether pain? 2, look down on, not a loser, but those who talk, full of hypocrites running for the train-without the courage to try, and self-righteous. 3, ahead of the future, she is guiding light, […]

Cheer up mood will sunny

1, the world is like this, we are waiting for a person, another person may be behind us waiting for us, three years, five years, or a life time 2, you were my dream became reality, but are now just memories. 3, do not lose your temper, a life, a person can not and all […]

Bilingual—beautiful statement

Maybe what I can do is not so much but I will always be with you 。 我能做的不多,但你需要的时候,我总是在的。 Actually,I have been so long starding behind you , lacking of your turning round 。 其实,我一直都在你身后,就差一个回头。 Happiness is that someone is being dull with you 。But what’sprecious is that both of you don’t feel so 。 幸福就是一个人陪你无聊,难得的是你们俩个都不觉得无聊。 […]

Treat friends, cherish

Not lost a good person; Don’t disregard a you deep love. Not everyone can tolerate your temper, but not everyone can wait. Nothing is more valuable than time, nothing is more precious than my feeling. A person willing to accompany you to give my heart to you, this is love you. To talk with you, […]