Bilingual—beautiful statement

Maybe what I can do is not so much but I will always be with you 。 我能做的不多,但你需要的时候,我总是在的。 Actually,I have been so long starding behind you , lacking of your turning round 。 其实,我一直都在你身后,就差一个回头。 Happiness is that someone is being dull with you 。But what’sprecious is that both of you don’t feel so 。 幸福就是一个人陪你无聊,难得的是你们俩个都不觉得无聊。 […]

Treat friends, cherish

Not lost a good person; Don’t disregard a you deep love. Not everyone can tolerate your temper, but not everyone can wait. Nothing is more valuable than time, nothing is more precious than my feeling. A person willing to accompany you to give my heart to you, this is love you. To talk with you, […]